Experienced SEM Specialist, AdWords & Analytics Certified, Google Partner

Who am I?
I'm Michael, SEM Specialist experienced in Online Marketing field. Ambitious, hungry for knowledge, always up-to-date with news from SEM world.

I have passed all Google certificates related with Google AdWords and Google Analytics. Moreover, my company has Google Partner status.

Ok, leave the theory, let's focus on practice. I have completed many successful projects in the last years, best proof for that you'll find below. Positive reviews from my clients are more valuable for me than any Google certificate which I'm holding now.


What My Customers Are Saying

The best evidence of my effectiveness

Steffen Horst


“Michal has been a great addition to our team. His knowledge about the Polish market has helped us to make crucial decisions in regards to budget allocation. Due to his deep understanding of paid search, he managed to continiously improve our campaign month over month. He is a pleasure to work with and has always been quick to respond our requests. We are looking forward to working with him again in the future. We highly recommend Michal!”


Stephen M. Abraham

Sales Director at Tramp Trading Ltd

“I have used Michal for a number of adwords campaigns and to configure GA; He is always very responsive and easy to contact, he immediately improved our CTR by 300% and progressively reduced our CPC. I shall continue to use Michal on a regular basis - highly recommended!”

Jeremy Tilley

CEO at Vesigo Studios

"Michał provided an excellent quality of work. His communication and level of competence has been outstanding. We will definitely use his services again in the future."

Cedric Crumbley

Sergeant First Class, Writer, Author

"Michal helped with a very unique campaign. Gave me insights I would not have discovered on my own. Thanks!"

Chris Burton


"I feel Michal really wants my project to succeed profitably and he works using his own initiative to try and find a way. :)"

Slawomir Cebulak

CEO at Kymatica.pl

“Michal greatly improved campaigns for my ecommerce web store with motorcycle parts. In last month ROI reached 800%, previously it was nearly 500%. I will definitely use him again!”

Marco Pimentel

VP of Marketing at Red Brick Media

“Quick and quality with great communication. Will use again.”

Olive Livingstone


"Outstanding service from an AdWords expert. Trustworthy, communicative and polite. Provides updates and completes work to a high standard. I cannot recommend Michal enough. I hope to get you to do more work in the future. Thanks Michal."

Scott Phillips

SoCal Athletics Inc.

"Fantastic. Very professional and efficient. One of the best freelance experiences I've had."

Dave W.


"Michal did a great job in setting up my new Adwords campaign. I'm very pleased with the results. He has a thorough understanding of Adwords and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for Adwords help. I will definitely be using him in the future to monitor and optimize my account."

Andrew Durot

Chief Amazement Officer

"SEO is tricky as I had plenty of straight out bad freelancers. But Michal is different. He know's what he is talking about, always straight to the point, very honest and I must say the first in a long line of SEO freelancers that I will gladly give a 5 star review. Money well spent! will keep using his services!"

Victor Farazdagi

Owner / Co-Founder

"Highly recommended contractor. Do not hesitate to hire Michal if you need your marketing campaign to be a success."

What can I offer

Take a look at my offer

Proper AdWords campaign setup is a very important, if you want to achieve your goals you should be aware that correct account structure and match types are crucial to final success. I will help you setup your successful AdWords campaign using all my knowledge.

AdWords campaign setup is not everything, account should be optimized ongoingly. It's crucial if you want to achieve success in the longer run. Expanding keywords list (also negatives), pausing poor performing ads and keywords, changing ad copies, testing new sitelinks and diemnsions. It's all necessary to improve your campaign performance.

You are running your own AdWords campaign but you're not satisfied with the results? I'm here to help you improve your account performance. Iwill take a closer look at your campaigns and prepare detailed audit consisting from several points regarding among others:

  • Quality Score;
  • ad copies, landing page and keywords relevancy;
  • proper usage of extensions;
  • dimensions;
  • account structure;

Remarketing helps you show ads to people who have visited your website or used your mobile app before. Sometimes people leave your website without buying anything, then remarketing helps you reconnect with them by showing relevant ads as they browse the web, use mobile apps, or search on Google.

Dynamic remarketing could take this even to the next level by including the products or services that people viewed on your website inside the ads. While dynamic remarketing requires some additional steps such as adding custom parameters to your website’s tag and creating a feed, it can deliver customized, higher-performance ads.

  • Standard remarketing - Show ads to your past visitors as they browse Google Display Network websites and use GDN apps.
  • Dynamic remarketing - Show dynamic, customized ads to past visitors with products and services they viewed before on your website as they browse GDN websites and use GDN apps.
  • Remarketing for mobile apps - Show ads to people who have used your app or mobile website.
  • Remarketing lists for search ads - Show ads to your past visitors as they do follow on searches for what they need on Google, after leaving your website.
  • Video remarketing - Show ads to people who have interacted with your videos or YouTube channel as they use YouTube and browse through GDN videos, websites, and apps.

I could help you improving your business performance with using my advanced knowledge from web analytics field. I'm working with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager on daily basis, so it won't be a problem to help you.

I have experience with running multilingual AdWords campaigns for my private clients. I'm Polish native speaker, but I could also run campaigns in English and German.

Contact me

Skype: michalkuzniar2

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